Mr. M.L. Mehta
April 08, 2014
Congratulations for the new start. Please keep up the quality and customer satisfaction.

Ms. Jyoti Khandelwal, Mayor, Jaipur
April 08, 2014
Congratulations !

Dr. Rajesh Khurana
April 08, 2014
Congratulations ! Nice concept ! Excellent preparation ! Very reasonable cost ! Best Wishes !

Dr. P.D. Khandelwal
April 08, 2014
Very great concept of food products and nutritional values. Keep it Up !

Mr. Chandra Prakash, Executive President, Federation Of Rajasthan Trade & Industry(FORTI)
April 08, 2014
Very Delicious food !

Mr. Vikas Gupta, Deputy Director, Ministry of Micro And Medium Enterprises - Development Institute, Jaipur
April 08, 2014
Delicious and Traditional food rarely available in restaurants. Excellent concept, keep it up.

Mr. M.L. Gupta
April 08, 2014
Congratulations ! Very delicious food items. Please keep up the quality and customer satisfaction.

Mr. Arun Agarwal, Jaipur
April 08, 2014
Excellent and very hygienic food, good for health and stomach.

Dr. Sunil Khandelwal, Sr. Consultant, OBGyn., Fortis Escort Hospital, Jaipur
April 08, 2014
Great initiative, much awaited services in the PinkCity, especially in the prestigious Fortis Escort Hospital, Jaipur. A perfect combination of healthy, delicious and variety food.

Mr. Anup Kr. Pawar
May 23, 2014
Healthy, hygienic, holistic fusion, delicious and quality food is what, I experienced at PAVITRAM.

Ms. Madhu Laddha
May 29, 2014
Healthy, hygienic, delicious food. Quality of  food of  "PAVITRAM"  is very much better.

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